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Fast shipment, just like Amazon prime, it only took 2 days to arrive. I am very happy with the item.


Way better than expected.

After 10 days in the refresher, we’re getting tons of bounce from our two month old, foremerly flat tennis balls! Could not be happier. We went out to hit today with a hopper full of re-pressurized balls and were blown away. My wife even called her coach over from the next court so he could give’em a test. Great concept, excellent execution. I’m impressed.

Pressure Refresher - 60 Ball Unit
Marc Baker
Corny Keg tennis ball repressurizer

I bought two of them. Fantastic product. Holds pressure and doesn't leak. I can fill it easily and it absolutely keeps my tennis balls fresh. I teach tennis. This will help my students hit with new feeling bounce every lesson and will save me alot on buying new balls every two weeks.

Pressure Refresher - 60 Ball Unit - Refurbished
Jaime Lastra
Tennis Ball Repressurizer

Works great. There is a slight anomaly with the Schrader valves. They are on a soft base and the center moves around the inside of the valve making a solid connection a bit tricky. Also, if I put the valve cap on one of the kegs (I bought 2), it will depress the valve and thereby emptying the keg of the co2 gas, so I just keep the valve cap off of that one. Other than that, my first two repressurzings went well, repressuizing 120 balls in 3 days. Working my second 2 kegs with another 2 more to go after that, 370 balls in all.

All's as it seems

I ordered two kegs. They arrived on time and in perfect working order. They had replaced the rubber o-ring. These kegs will be used for keeping tennis balls pressurized. Seems like this will work for decades. I may buy a few more as XMas presents for friends that are crazy about tennis.

Pressure Refresher - 60 Ball Unit
Sammy Sammizzo
Wonderful product by innovation for sustainability

The product is so great and innovative! It is exciting to me and my team members. It seems developed by your string mind set for sustainability. I hope this product will be known better and more widely in tennis space and private networks. It must gain a lot of good reputation by many customers. I hope your great success in all businesses! Thanks a lot for your prompt and kind response!

Definitely exceeded our expecations for year old tennis balls

We had heard about the Pressure Refresher, but this was the 1st time we were using it. Definitely exceeded our expectations for our year old tennis balls. After a week at 32# in CO2 the balls bounced just as much as my brand new ones. Definitely telling all my fellow tennis parents about this product. Tremendous!

Pressure Refresher - 60 Ball Unit - Refurbished
David Stein
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Save Money

We can go through a lot of tennis balls, particularly since we use a Slinger Bag. We were looking for a method of extending the life of the tennis balls and found the Pressure Refresher. We bought the Pressure Refresher keg and a 10 pound CO2 bottle that we fill at a welding supply store. The system works great. Used balls are restored to near-original condition--I can't tell the difference-- after three days in the keg under 40 lbs of pressure with CO2, and they are maintained by keeping them in the keg under 14-16 lbs of pressure with CO2. Rather than going through hundreds of tennis balls per year, we are able to get used balls from our club that are destined for recycling or the trash, refresh them, and play on. We have told our tennis-playing friends about it and hope to convince our club that they should consider this option.

Perfect Way to Save $$!

Thrilled to have purchased this for our Tennis group. Thanks, we will definitely be back in the future!