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Pressure Refresher - 60 Ball Unit

Pressure Refresher - 60 Ball Unit

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Our Tennis Ball Pressurizer gives new life to dead tennis balls! This unit holds up to 60 tennis balls at a time and restores bounce after as little as two days of pressurization.*

Save hundreds on new ball purchases and keep balls out of landfills by pressurizing flat (dead) tennis balls to give them new life and make them last until the felt wears out. This unit is perfect for those running tennis camps, clubs, coaches or individuals.

- A schrader valve makes pressurization easy

- A two inch pressure gauge shows the amount of pressure inside of the tank

- Lid contains a safety pressure release device in case of accidental over pressurization, keeping the unit safe to use

- A refurbished keg unit keeps the cost affordable, and stringent testing ensures the safety of each unit

* Two to three day repressurization will only happen if you pressurize your tank with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Check out our CO2 Charging Kit:
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Drop any number of tennis balls up to 60 into the pressurization tank and reinstall the lid. The schrader valve allows easy pressurization with any air compressor or bicycle pump. Repressurization can be done at pressures from 32 psi to 50 psi depending on the time balls remain under pressure and the amount of bounce you desire. This process takes between three days and two weeks. When they are ready, pull the pressure release ring located in the new tank lid until all pressure is released. Then open the top and begin to enjoy your freshly repressurized tennis balls. After playing, the balls can be stored in the tank at 16-19 psi so that they will retain their internal pressure. This unit is made from a used keg that has been cleaned and refurbished with new seals. While it may show some wear, our price certainly beats the $450 unit that is available elsewhere. This unit is also safe to use thanks to industrial grade parts and specially machined stainless steel fittings that are made to hold pressure. No parts are hammered together and held with glue and tape like some homemade units we have seen.

How it works!

Fill the tank with up to 60 used tennis balls.

Pressurize the tank.


2–3 days with a CO2 charging kit

Enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-can bounce of your tennis balls!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danny Mathis
Pressure Refresher 60 ball unit

My tennis ball refresher works great. I haven’t tried to pressurize any old balls yet. I have used to maintain pressure on new balls. So far it seems to be working excellent. I pressurize it to 20psi, and the container never dropped pressure for an entire week. Balls seem just like new. We will know for sure with a couple more weeks on how long the balls will remain pressurized.

Mark in Florida
Keeping our tennis balls fresh

We play once or twice a week but like to have a lot of balls to use so we don't have to keep stopping to pick them up. The pressure refresher has restored the bounce in them and keeps them good until the surface wears out. We estimate it will pay for itself in about a year. For use its a good ROI.

It Works

Works well!! Different balls will require you to repressurize at different PSI. For example, I was able to bring some new "Costco Penns" back to life. For those that don't know, new balls still in the can, go flat over time. Often times the balls you buy at Costco are flat when you open them. These required very high pressure. I had them at 35 PSI for a few weeks, then 40 PSI, and finally 45 PSI. They bounce like new balls should. Other balls that were bouncing fine out of the can won't require that much pressure. Probably closer to 30 PSI. I now grab any ball I see on the court that people leave and put them into my Pressure Refresher so I always have a supply of good "practice balls". Thanks.

Shawn Z.

Fast shipment, just like Amazon prime, it only took 2 days to arrive. I am very happy with the item.

Ralph in Santa Fe
Way better than expected.

After 10 days in the refresher, we’re getting tons of bounce from our two month old, foremerly flat tennis balls! Could not be happier. We went out to hit today with a hopper full of re-pressurized balls and were blown away. My wife even called her coach over from the next court so he could give’em a test. Great concept, excellent execution. I’m impressed.