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Pressure Refresher - 5 LB CO2 Charging Kit

Pressure Refresher - 5 LB CO2 Charging Kit

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This kit includes a freshly hydrostatically tested 5 lb CO2 cylinder and a new dual gauge Taprite CO2 regulator with a fill line and a schrader valve fill nozzle for easy pressurizing of our tennis ball repressurizer unit.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder - ready to be filled.
  • Dual gauge Taprite CO2 regulator
  • 3 foot fill line with schrader valve fill nozzle


Please Note: CO2 bottles are shipped empty per Ohio State law.

How it works!

Fill the tank with up to 60 used tennis balls.

Pressurize the tank.


2–3 days with a CO2 charging kit

Enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-can bounce of your tennis balls!

Customer Reviews

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Robert Schwieger
Definitely exceeded our expecations for year old tennis balls

We had heard about the Pressure Refresher, but this was the 1st time we were using it. Definitely exceeded our expectations for our year old tennis balls. After a week at 32# in CO2 the balls bounced just as much as my brand new ones. Definitely telling all my fellow tennis parents about this product. Tremendous!