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Digital Gauge - Optional Gauge for any Pressure Refresher

Digital Gauge - Optional Gauge for any Pressure Refresher

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Instantly read the pressure of your Pressure refresher with this Digital Gauge. This gauge is highly accurate and easy to read, and can be added to any size or type of Pressure Refresher, replacing the analogue gauge.

This Pressure Refreshed optional gauge is the world's most compact mini digital gauge with backlight illumination. This very compact design retains high accuracy while still meeting the desirable small form factor.  

Traditional analogue gauges require a small capillary mechanism where a small pipe expands and unravels under pressure. This in turn drives a mechanical cog to rotate the gauge needle.  This age-old technique works quite well especially in large gauges but as this mechanism is manufactured smaller and smaller a tradeoff between accuracy and size becomes the issue.  Price includes replacing analogue gauge with the digital gauge, Pressure Refresher is purchased seperately.


  • Battery Life: More than 2 years (using the mini gauge once a day)
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Auto Battery Saver: automatically turns off after 15 sec
  • Size: 27mm x 27mm (1" x 1")

More details about this gauge and instructions on how to change the battery can be watch at this link:


How it works!

Fill the tank with up to 60 used tennis balls.

Pressurize the tank.


2–3 days with a CO2 charging kit

Enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-can bounce of your tennis balls!

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geoff hampson

I took 60 old padel balls that were stashed in my garage over the last 18 months and set them to recharge. I have only used the first 6 so far and am thrilled with the recovery.