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Pressure Refresher - NEW Aluminum 5 LB CO2 Charging Kit

Pressure Refresher - NEW Aluminum 5 LB CO2 Charging Kit

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This kit includes a new 5 lb CO2 cylinder and a new dual gauge Taprite CO2 regulator with a fill line and a schrader valve fill nozzle for easy pressurizing of our tennis ball repressurizer unit.

Kit Includes:

  • New Aluminum 5 lb CO2 Cylinder - ready to be filled
  • Dual gauge Taprite CO2 regulator
  • 3 foot fill line with schrader valve fill nozzle


Please Note: CO2 bottles are shipped empty per Ohio State law.

How it works!

Fill the tank with up to 60 used tennis balls.

Pressurize the tank.


2–3 days with a CO2 charging kit

Enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-can bounce of your tennis balls!

Customer Reviews

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Ivor Connor
All's as it seems

I ordered two kegs. They arrived on time and in perfect working order. They had replaced the rubber o-ring. These kegs will be used for keeping tennis balls pressurized. Seems like this will work for decades. I may buy a few more as XMas presents for friends that are crazy about tennis.